And becoming a force to be reckoned with…

You will be, what and who you have the will to become.
The blessing – or consequence – of a sequence of events you set in motion through your choices.
Like being a mediocre student.
An average friend.
A face in the crowd.
Being “present.”
A member of the team.
“Saving it.”
“Playing” the next down or possession.
Things you can do with relative ease. By rote, through ability, instinct or second nature. And given the finite collection of talents you have been granted, you can be satisfied to selectively employ what you have now.
You can accept merely sustaining a reasonable level.
You can overcome challenges – if you have to.
You can rise to the moment – as a last resort.
You can achieve – sort of.
You can become what you were meant to beor acquiesce and settle.
But let me ask you:   Is that what it’s all about?   All there is to this?
You ever wonder what could be?
And, if not, why on heaven’s earth wouldn’t you want to find out anyways?
Because when all has been said and done – weren’t you built for something much more?
Whether you think so, or not, all of this is an enterprise entirely of your making.
You own it.
Each outcome dependent solely of your imagination, design and execution.
Your will.
Without a doubt, you can be many, many things.
But what is it that you choose to become out of this?
Where do you see yourself now?
Next week?
In a month?
As you prepare for your next year of high school or your first year of college?
On a field, court in the class and out in the community?
But in order to see all of this, the vision in your mind needs to be as clear as the image is vivid in your heart.
Then – there is something else you need to grasp:
You need to be just as open to what others central to your growth, achievement and success can envision for you as well.
What you see and think need not be confined to your experience alone.
Others that stood where you stand, did what you do and aspired what you desire – surround you in all walks of life.  All ready, willing and more than able to show you how they did it.
How you can do it now.
And what you will very likely become in the process.
So be not quick to ignore, dismiss and reject their ideas, input, requests and demands. Be open to the possibilities they share. The potential they see. The adventure to which they ascribe.
Your sight cannot be confined only to what you are willing to currently see and hear.
Choose to let go and embark on this venture with those advocates all around you.
Share in their passion, purpose and persistence.
Commit to the journey; together.
Persevere – whether valley or pinnacle.
Then by all means – finish the mission. For it is worthy. And its value will be yours for a life time.
Be intentional in your choices. Think, speak and act towards acquiring – then living – in this vision.
That state of learning beyond just being a mediocre student to becoming a scholar. .
Surpassing average friendships to becoming “besties.” Stepping out of the crowd to becoming a leader. Moving past being “present” to becoming fully engaged in every moment.
Evolving from being just a member to becoming THE one that will be the next man up.
Leaving the false comfort of saving it, to becoming the one recognized as always leaving it on the field.
Growing from simply playing the next down or possession, to becoming a competitor every moment.
Knowing in your heart that “well begun is only half done.”
And becoming a force to be reckoned with in all that you pursue.

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