Live as a verb.

Here we  are,  almost 15 hours into that  2018 glow of optimism .

The residue born of a new year.  Crisp.  Clean. Dryer sheet fresh.  Resolutions nicely stacked.  Intentions arrayed.  Plan deployed.  All within reach. Awaiting early, earnest and enduring action.

But rest assured.  Reality is on its way.

On its beck and call.  Answering only to itself.  Date, time and circumstance to be designated.  Determined to fulfill its mission.  Adding  wrinkles, smudges and funk to your plans.   Converting those  honest intentions into serious doubt. Pulling one from the bottom and tipping your stack.  Scattering your will and  resolutions about.

So in advance of reality’s  pending arrival, and while there is still time, consider embracing the present from another perspective.

Resolutions are but nouns.

Statements.  Something that is resolved.  Formal expressions of opinion, will, or intent.  Things that are meant to happen. Should happen.  Are gonna happen. 

Well, I don’t know what happened. 

Things that by their very definition sure seem to depict a stop right from  the start.  Implications of passivity.  And notions of destiny. 

Tough to make the most of the moment as a noun.

Resolve is a verb.

Actions that are meant to break up and separate.  Reducing  by analysis. Distinguishing between or making independently visible. 

Causing. Dealing  with successfully. Clearing  up, finding answers, making clear or understandable. Finding a mathematical solution of, splitting  up into two or more components, assigning directions, reaching  firm decisions. 

Declaring.  Deciding  to make  progress from dissonance to consonance. To work it out.
So be resolute in your resolve.
Fully engage not just in these first 24 hours, but for the 8736 to follow.
Maintain your optimism but gird your loins for reality. 
Prepare to lose a skirmish or two to win the war. 
Things will happen. So, just happen to things. 
It can be tough to make the most each  moment living as a noun.
Be resolute in your resolve.
Don’t reserve this  approach for this day alone.  Employ it for all those to follow.
Live as a verb.

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