And channel our inner George.

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In many respects, George Bailey spent the entirety of his wonderful life working on  some of the most fundamental and lasting aspects of the building and loan business.  Truth be told, most of his best construction efforts had very little to do with brick, mortar and commerce.

George’s preferred building materials were hearts, minds and dreams.

As his father, Peter Bailey, had so astutely observed, George had been “born old”. This trait had left him extraordinarily well equipped in terms of temperament and wisdom to steward others through the challenges they faced in life.

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This was a blessing that both augmented and complimented George’s penchant for dreaming really big.

His unbridled enthusiasm for life and its limitless possibilities was contagious, spreading though out and infecting all those within his orbit. That old soul, “Moss-back George” exuded an innate goodness.  It was that tug born of  love that drew those in…

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