But until then, it’s all just wishing.

“ One of the most fundamental statements of Christian faith is this: your  life is not about you. This is not your project. Rather, you are part of God’s great design. To believe this in your bones and to act  accordingly is to have faith. When we operate out of this transformed vision, amazing things can happen, for we have surrendered to “a power already at work in us that can do  infinitely more than we can ask or imagine.”   Bishop Robert Barron

This captures the very essence of the struggles one encounters on a daily basis.  

Heck, let’s be honest, minute by minute.

It is one thing to think it’s not about you.  To convince yourself to get your heart and mind right.  Commit to expressing that in the words you choose, no matter the outlet, setting or audience.  Fully embracing a discipline to dedicate your personal forces to that mission. Aspiring to live as if it is not about you.

But, it is another thing altogether to do it.  Let go, step aside and make it not about you.

‘Cause when that starts to happen?  Whammo.

Colleagues begin to succeed.  Winning customers, landing projects and earning accolades for projects  that were once your bread and butter. Those are no longer yours alone. Roles have shifted.  And it is now your time to support their efforts, to build them and enhance their career.

Then, true team dynamics can begin to take front and center.  The needs for growth via group goals may call you to become a utility man.  Your experience and abilities now needed to fill in the gaps. To address the pressing needs that present themselves in  shades of gray. So rather than assuming the lead in a role you know like the back of your hand, you step back, and let others step up.

Finally  then, the talents of others can begin to find their way to the surface,  emerge and be expressed. Potential, once cloaked in doubt and fear , can now be revealed by them and finally “seen” by you.   Those wobbly, first baby steps of initiative can be taken. And as their momentum grows, so too,  will their confidence. The veil of trepidation is removed and things come into focus for all.  Now, surrounded by a greatness that was already present in all – all can ascend. As one.

These and many other similar moments are where the rubber meets the road in life.  But you cannot just wish them to be. Works of this magnitude take courage, conviction and commitment. You must convert your  thoughts and words into the deeds and intentions for His project.

Begin by slaying personal pride.  Squashing ego. Eliminating envy.

And rubbing dirt on the scrapes, bruises and boo boos.

Release your grip and allow His work to proceed in ways that need not be comprehended now but simply accepted with a sincere attitude of gratitude.  

After all, it’s His grand scheme of things. Not yours.

You can think it.  And you can say it.

But until you  trust and operate out of this “transformed vision”,  these amazing things cannot happen. And you can never get to where He wants you to be.  

Your true talents fully expressed.

Potential, no longer cloaked in doubt and fear, finally revealed.   

So take those wobbly baby steps. Build some momentum and grow confidence by embracing this direction.  Lose the veil of trepidation and allow His vision to come into focus for you. Lean into His already present greatness so you might ascend.  Find true joy. Meaning. And belonging.

But until then, it’s all just wishing.


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