He just wants to share His life with us.

“What God has wanted from the beginning is to sit down with his creatures in a fellowship banquet, sharing life and laughter, giving, receiving, and giving back again.
This is the loop of grace. The more we receive the divine life, the more we should give it away and thereby get more of it…God wants to share his life with us.” Bishop Robert Barron

For whatever reason, we tend to over think this relationship.  Find creative ways to avoid the simplicity of embracing this level of interaction with Him.


What is it that keeps us away from His table? From entering into this level of fellowship?  Is it fear? Shame? Or an “I already go to mass” mindset?

Whatever it is that you tell yourself to ease the burden of declining His invitation – just stop.  Open your eyes, heart and soul so you can see this for what it really is. Your seat is already there. Waiting.  So take your place at the table and accept your space in the loop of grace.

He just wants to share His life with us.


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