So that you may remain, “undefeated”.

To remain “undefeated” means just that.  

To move forward despite your faults, weaknesses, shortcomings  or circumstances. Disallowing defeat to consume you. Enjoining a purposeful tack that goes beyond attitude.  Leaning into a mindset meant for your embrace.

Defeat is a series of choices initiated when you falter. Once made, they govern your life. Defining you. Once  self-labeled as such, all thoughts, words and actions begin to  mirror those self-defeating expectations and behaviors.

Thus self-defined, you can neither “be” or “become”.   It is akin to being lost. Stranded. You wind up isolated from the person you once thought you were.  And even farther from what you were intended to be.

So be your  Captain.

Stay true to yourself and to the course.  Steer clear of that loathsome, lonely path.

Affirm your value.

Self-advocate through performance.

Recognize your potential.

And know in your heart  that even a series of “losses” cannot prevent you from being  a powerful, positive and lasting force in your part of the world and in the lives of others.

Venture forth with full intention, an open mind and humble heart.  Once so equipped, you will begin to see your faults, shortcomings and failures in a whole different light.

Define yourself in thought, word and deed by the manner you choose to respond to each “loss”. 

Embrace a mindset that only speaks to you from a position of strength.

Heed the voice that commands you to press on despite defeat.  

Be the captain of your destiny.

Regardless of their source, size or frequency, accept defeats for what they truly are; opportunity. Chances to label yourself.  Moments made specifically for you. Ones beckoning for your intentional response to bring about some genuine self-definition. 

And captain yourself.

So that you may remain,  “undefeated”.


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