Than words alone. 

“You can preach a better sermon with your life than with your lips. “Oliver Goldsmith

Never would I be one to discount the value of some well-chosen words at the right moment.

But at some point,  merely talking the talk will not cut it.  Intention must be allowed to flourish.  It cannot be held at bay by verbal limitations.  Words must ascend and reach their logical conclusion.

And for that to happen, one must walk them.

For actions speak an entirely different language. They resonate.  Speak louder with a tenor all their own.  Wield a bigger stick.  Travel a far greater distance.  All while creating a lasting and genuine example of character, intention and leadership.

True, sermons as we know them  have their genesis in the word.  A message thoughtfully constructed and delivered with great passion.  Words meant to convey a deliberate, prudent and tested approach to life.

But as powerful as those thoughts and words may be, they cannot be left to hang in the air.  They are meant for destinations other than ears alone.   If a message is to have its intended impact,  there must be investment.  An ascension to its  logical conclusion.  Intention cannot be allowed to remain captive.

Words must be hand delivered.

In person.

And in  practice.

A far better way to preach and deliver the sermon.

Than words alone.


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