Then wills you to become.  

It is easy to conform.  

To follow any one of the herds of the moment.  Pledge oneself to be a constituent of consensus. And be what everyone else seems content to be.  Or demands you to be.

To be yourself, aspire, to achieve and become all that you are intended, requires committed effort. You have learn to exert yourself in more ways than one.  

Especially when it comes to the question of “will”.

Granted, just being yourself can be an endeavor that may give Seal Team 6 pause.  Many out there can attest to that I am sure.

And while the goal of being yourself has merit and value all it own, the overall objective should be something far greater than that.  Beyond simply “remaining” as you are. To this author, that would indicate a small measure of surrender. Acquiescing to a maintenance mode existence. Living in a state of stasis.

By all means; be yourself first and foremost.  Embrace what it is that makes you – “you”.  The genuine article.  

Then, once you have that under your belt, kick it up a notch or two.  Make tracks past the “be” and head straight  towards to “become”.


The most authentic, one of a kind, best possible version of you.

Now resolve might be coined as “firm” and “strong” might apply  to one’s will. But as those words indicate, to achieve that level of fitness will require a committed  level of effort.  Resolve and will need to be exercised, engaged and exerted.

So as you  carve out the unbeaten path towards being yourself, by all means attend to the physical and mental demands of the venture.  They are not to be underestimated.

But don’t neglect your deeper needs.   Stress your preconceptions and stretch your beliefs. Listen to the voice found within your core.   Where the spirit to become resides.   The one that first speaks to you to be. 

Then wills you to become.  


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