Plain and simple.

“….The Father of Jesus Christ is love, right through. That’s all God is; that’s all he knows how to do. He is not like us: unstable, changing, moving from one attitude to another. No, God simply is love…”  Bishop Robert Barron

Therein lies the crux of the matter.  

Following just one trying eight or so hour shift  at the shekel factory, the Adidas would need to come off to properly quantify the changing, moving, instability of my many attitudes just this one day. Perhaps if I more fully apply myself tomorrow, one size twelve might  remain tied.

But only if I choose to think, speak and act in a manner as would He.

Like all He is.  

And all He knows.

From, with and for love.

It is all so deceptively simple, isn’t it?     

To become like Him doesn’t necessarily entail following a complex, multi volume set of specifications, procedures, codes and blue prints. Though  He did provide us a living lesson plan and a proven path forward.  And do-overs when we screw up. As many as are needed.

For all of this we are truly blessed.  

But just think; if He was more like us, the rules would change on a whim, the target would constantly move and our footing would be on shaky ground at best.   

Fortunately for us, it always comes back to this one, single, simple  thing: 


It’s all He is and all He knows to do.


Follow His lead.

Reduce the changing.  

Stop the moving.  

Enhance your stability.  

Be less like us and more like Him.

Just love.  

Plain and simple.


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