“Do it”.

Though it was fun hanging out with #3 at his first ever re-enactment at the Watertown Military Show, this isn’t a father-son moment post.

A titch of what I have to share is about making the most of every opportunity to engage in this typefamily bonding. But more so, what I hoped to convey was simply this:

“Do it”.

Several weeks ago at a similar function in Saukville we got to chatting with some men with the Big Red One. Their passion for this undertaking was palpable. To encounter individuals so genuinely invested in this venture was inspiring. Aside from the chance to hold an actual Thompson, I could tell my son was all in. A few emails and weeks later, here he is, an enlisted man, wearing wool fatigues, eating rations and living in a tent at the municipal airport.

My story?

At the tender age of 57, I decided to give coaching at the high school level a try. This will be my third season at Nicolet as an assistant. Things will be upside down a little at work and at home for about ten or so weeks. So be it. Being back on the field is like a dream come true.

So whether you are just beginning or heading out to pasture, don’t wait, avoid or rationalize. Try something new. Different. Or never attempted.

“Do it”.

Don’t try to time it. Life don’t work that way.

Don’t ever tell yourself, “it will never work”, “it won’t be worth it” or “maybe some other time”.

You can make it work.

It is always worth it.

And time is a finite resource.

So don’t look back with regret or gaze longingly forward.

Be fully in the present.

Make each moment count.

“Do it”.


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