Can I decrease so that others may increase?

And this is why John says, “He must increase and I must decrease.”

Bishop Robert Barron

Seven of the most compelling words uttered, written and held as sacred. Certainly, from a religious perspective, they usher in the “great opera”. Bishop Barron’s words again.

Yet from a day in the life perspective, my gosh, those seven bon mots capture the genuine essence of servant hood.

And in today’s business/sports/community vernacular – the true aspiration of servant leadership. Just from that standpoint, what a momentous challenge this represents to anyone currently in or desirous of that role.

To willingly recede so that others can succeed.

To ignore the beck and call of ego.

To give all of you away, so that another might be all they are.

As a manager, CEO, supervisor – are you confident enough in your self, to build others to replace you?

As coach, teacher, mentor – can you relinquish the point so that the assistant, student or acolyte can lead others?

As community leader – are you able to limit your term so that another can assume your office?

As John so aptly put it, for us, it all boils down to this:

Can I decrease so that others may increase?


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