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And all those that follow.

Character is more than what or how you are, or even how you are being defined by others.

It is more about how you go about defining yourself.

By the choices you have made, are making now and will make sometime tomorrow. Like the ones made when blessed with abundant  success. Those seemingly throw away ones made during those long stretches of “the same old same old.” And the ones made when faced with adversity.

Character isn’t an amenity.

Or an accessory.

Something to be stowed away. Reserved for a special occasion, or on display when the time is right and the audience ample.   

Character is intentional.

An active endeavor. Meant to be fully employed and constantly engaged.   Just as you would  pursue all other things you hold in high esteem, cherish and value.


Defining  this moment.   

Character in action is brand of leadership borne from within.

“ The first act of leadership is coming to grips with yourself, who you are, where you are, and what is of value to you, and shaping yourself by acts of conscious will into what you want to become”*

Not by intending to.

But with unbridled intention.

Breathing life into the aggregate of traits and qualities that set you apart; make you – “you”.  Casting your singular,  lasting and genuine impression on what is of value.  Shaping yourself and the moment into what they are meant to become by being the difference.

And bringing definition.


Character when fully employed, constantly engaged and intentionally active  honors the best that is within all.

Character of that magnitude creates pull.  Attraction. Its own gravity.  The mass of which draws others into your orbit. The genesis of an intensely personal brand of leadership.

One meant to define  this moment.

The next.

And all those that follow.


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