Embrace expectation’s essential value

Expectations are an essential and enduring aspect of your attitude.Quotation-Brian-Tracy-life-positive-expectation-expectations-attitude-teaching-wisdom-personality-Meetville-Quotes-45579

Not only can they  connect your current capabilities and capacity for performance to your future aspirations.  But expectations also help bring much-needed definition and detail to your quest for excellence.

Expectations  act as a bonding agent.

They cement your commitment to each and every task at hand.

Making you walk the talk.

Expectations can become an intensely  personal attachment.  An entity that over time, grows to adhere  your thoughts, words and deeds to your aspirations.

Expectations do the heavy lifting to facilitate a  transition from dream to belief.

Transforming “idea” into conviction.

The unshakable faith that your personal investment into each pursuit will ultimately culminate in reaping the rewards you anticipated, envisioned and wanted.

It takes great courage to ‘expect’.

Even more so to grow,  develop, act and live within a framework of high expectations.

To be the embodiment of  a positive attitude.

To be the poster child for ‘want to”.

And to fully embrace the habits that lead one to excellence.

Perhaps it is fear that holds you back.


A sense that you do not deserve such a high level of achievement.

That you are not worthy of attaining an elevated stature.

That once you get there, you cannot sustain it.

Disappointment and failure can be powerful motivators.

Just a  random “possibility”  can become an immobilizing factor that creates inertia and prevents you from even thinking about “expecting”.

But think about it.

Why submit to struggling through a life defined by surrender?

Why exist in moments punctuated by an acceptance of simply being average?

Why limit your vision to a horizon bounded  by low  expectations?

Expectations are intentional.

They act as a confirmation of who you are.

They have the power to become an unshakeable faith in yourself.

A trust  in what you know to be true.

That you are able.

That you are talented.

And you  are meant to be truly extraordinary.

But first, you will have to be able to learn to ‘see’ it within yourself.

Then, you need to believe in what you are finally able to ‘see’.

From there, affirm what you know to be true.

And then?

Embrace expectation’s essential value.



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