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So nobody need ever wait.

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”Anne Frank

Granted,  we may need to prepare ourselves to wait, practice an active patience and keep the faith for certain blessings in our lives to become apparent. For those gifts may not be born of this world.  Those are meant to be delivered on another’s time.  

But too often, it seems that we can become captive to the mindset  that when it comes to having a positive impact on the world, timing is everything.

That there is a sweet spot.

An ideal moment for the right thought, some kind words or a generous action.

But nobody need wait.

For each day is ripe with opportunity to have a positive and lasting impact.  On the world as a whole. Within your little slice of it.

And in the lives of others.


Think of it this way: the smallest act of kindness you share could be the best thing that has happened to someone in days, weeks, months or even longer.

The chance to find that sweet spot in someone else’s life.

And the best part?

There is no timing involved whatsoever.

Just  choose  to be fully present.

Make the most of  your “now”.

So nobody need ever wait.