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Goal equals reality

Ralph Marston Jr., distinguished inspirational author once stated; “Your goals, minus your doubts, equals your reality.”

You could take this concept, distill it down and convert its premise  into some simple arithmetic. Like:

G – D = R

The first factor in this equation – Goal – is that “something” you really want to accomplish.  So much so that it first exists within you as a dream.

And that dream is in all reality, a blueprint.


A highly detailed, fully illustrated and genuinely articulated rendering of the path you must take to reach that goal.

An image that actually depicts:

– What you want to do.

– Where you want to go.

– And what you endeavor  to become.

A vision that becomes the focal point of everything you think, say and do along the way.

So vivid, you can actually enter into it.

And live within.

Now to see a goal  in this way requires an extraordinary level of effort. Uncommon commitment.



Thoughts, words and deeds must be guided entirely by its intention and driven onward by its singular purpose.

Dreams of this magnitude are not so much a vision in your possession.

But rather a vision that comes to possess you, leaving little room for anything else.

Especially doubt.


Those distractions that come to you in the guise of an excuse, rationalization or second guessing.

Products of a lack of will.

The loss of focus.

And self-pity.

That self-serving string of self-perpetuating and self-defeating thoughts.

Negativity destined to  produce inertia and induce drag.

Tethering  your aspirations.

Once allowed to take root, doubt will slowly destroy your spirit, overshadow your confidence, bury your talent, and begin to push you out of your self.

Heed doubt and the voice within that once said  “I know I can” goes silent.

Allowed to grow out of control, doubt will become the eraser running roughshod over your blue print.

Leaving in its path emptiness.  A reality noted by unrealized potential, disappointment and regret.

But just as each goal represents a choice,  so too does doubt.

So remove it.


Simply solve for R and work from there, with what you have left.



Where all preparation eventually will lead.

For once you have harnessed the power of affirming thoughts, you can create the sustaining habits that will always lead to positive action.

The residue of self-discipline and sacrifice embraced.

Twin assets of commitments made and effort expended.

The dividend paid in full once character has been revealed.

Reality – then – becomes your circumstance.

A creation of the force of your will.

In a moment you have aimed for.

When what is going on out here  –  finally matches what you have always seen in your head and what you have held in your heart.


Just do the math.

Set it in your mind to live your vision as if it were your reality.

Eliminate doubt from your life’s equation.

Make reaching that goal as simple as:

G = R .  

Goal equals reality.