#4 & #7 of Ten

  1. Don’t let the beginning become the end.

More often than we care to admit,  the beginning of a new undertaking can be the end for most of us.

Looking at a task, seeing the summit from the valley, and the steepness of the path that lay before us can be overwhelming, intimidating and just down right scary.  

Then, to decide,  that even before a step is contemplated, let alone taken, we are done,  is a sorry way to live.  

To a certain extent, we all begin at some depth.  Within some rut. Depression. Valley.  

We all have to work our way up in some fashion.  Across  the plains. Through the foothills.  Over   several plateaus.  Eventually, finding our  route upward.  

And only then does the real climb begin.  

So nut up.

Cause when it comes down to it, it isn’t likely that you cannot.  

Beginnings become endings  because you will not.


  1. Don’t be afraid to ask; you just might hear “yes”.

The biggest impediment to growth, development and progress can be fear.  

Plain and simple.  

More so than just the trying or the doing of something.  In many cases, it simply  comes in  the act of asking.  

The fear of stumbling on the words.  

The fear of the timing of the request.  

The fear of not being understood.  

The fear of what they will think.  

The fear of looking foolish.  

The fear of not getting the answer you want – or –  expect.  

“No”, or “not at this time” and “perhaps later” are usually responses that tend to reflect  the present circumstances.  Not necessarily tomorrow, next week, month or  forever.  

It may be that you need to prove yourself a little more.  

Maybe there is more of you to give – and you need to give it first.  

Or, maybe, just maybe it has nothing to do with the request.  Perhaps it was so obvious, that the person being asked is simply embarrassed that it was overlooked and never considered in the first place.  

So be not afraid.  


You might just hear – “yes”.