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“300” – Elyssa Tracy


A word that means “to make different”. A word that bites at my core, yet a word that I have learned a lot about over the past few years.

Change is not something I do well.

My transition from high school to college was not easy.

It was messy, chaotic, and scary.

It took me a little while to get my feet underneath me, but eventually that change became the normal.

Last year, I lost a lot of people who were a large part of my life.


My grandpa passed away while I was at school, and I had a difficult time coping. A year later, I still struggle with the pain, but I am also learning to smile at the memories.


Although I realize change is the only constant in life, it still takes me a while to welcome the change into my comfort zone.

Change does not have to be a bad thing.

In fact, change is taking me down a pathway that I never thought it would.

Over the last few weeks, making the decision to change and break away from the traditional paths in college has started to make me feel like myself again.


What I wish I would have figured out sooner, is those traditional pathways are not always the best pathways. In fact there are millions of different turns I can choose to make.

The only concern I have when turning is that I am making a step in the correct direction; towards what makes me happy.

In the long run, it does not matter how I get to my finish line, it just matters that I got there.